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06/18/03 - Tyler

Role-playing Vacation Ideas

East Texas travel agents are experiencing their busiest time of year as vacations are on everyone's minds, with people headed for a change of scenery. But if you're looking for something different, how about a vacation from who you are.

The latest thing to do in vacationing is to role-play and be someone else for your vacation.

We went to the Internet and found sites where you can be a trail boss of an old western wagon train, a member of a murder mystery at a New England hole, or on the ocean.

Wouldn't a sheriff in the old west, a riverboat gambler, or a superstar entertainer beat 2 weeks at Uncle Harry's farm?

If you want more information on role playing vacations,  click on the Know More on 7 icon at There you will find a link to Fantasy Vacations.

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