East Texas Aggies

By Ryan Peterson - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Not every great college athlete can became a millionaire pro athlete. In fact, most don't.  Two East Texas Aggies have proved, you can do plenty on and off the football field.

Jacksonville native Randy McCown and former Chapel Hill star Terrence Murphy joined area Aggies for the Tyler-Smith County A&M Golf Tournament today at Hollytree Country Club.  After a short N.F.L. career, Murphy is doing well in real estate in College Station.  He has his own agency called TM5 Properties.

Since quarterbacking the Aggies, McCown has opened two saw mills in Jacksonville.  Their playing days are over, but life has been a success.

"You think that the weeks leading up to the game take forever to come about," said McCown.  "Then you get to the game and can't wait for the next one. You look up one day and it's all over. So it's always good to have a contingency plan and it was one of those things where you can sleep a lot easier at night if you look back on it and know you did everything you could and it just wasn't meant to be and wasn't in God's plans."

Murphy agrees.

"One of the things I carry with me is not all the records and touchdowns but that I was a three time academic Big 12 off the field," said Murphy.  "So that stands out for me too."

Proceeds from Monday's tournament will give scholarships to high school seniors headed to A&M.

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