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A Better East Texas: The Pew Forum

The Pew Forum, a respected national research group recently conducted a survey of more than 3,000 Americans to determine who knows what about religion. For a country that is fanatical about claiming to know which religions stand for what it is a sad statement that atheists and agnostics scored better than Christians on the survey. You would think that with today's technology and the alleged explosion of spiritual priorities that religious knowledge of our faith and the faith beliefs of others would be at an all time high. But again, atheists and agnostics scored better than Christians. Now the Pew study was based on some general knowledge but these results need some serious review. It seems that in the middle of the seeming never-ending firestorm on religion that the truth is that we are actually only in the shallow end of knowledge and understanding of the facts of our faiths. Now I also know that for Christians that the relationship with the Creator is more important than anything, but shouldn't we have a hunger for knowing the essentials of the Christian faith and other doctrines? Here is the link to a sample of the questions, so you can take a stab at some of the questions. Perhaps if we all increase our knowledge about our faith, we will grow in our understanding of others and that will make for a Better East Texas.





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