WNBA star on a mission in East Texas

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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Raising awareness about breast cancer has become a personal mission for WNBA star player Edna Campbell. At the Pink Power Getaway, the former WNBA guard inspired dozens of women decked out in pink. Campbell is a breast cancer survivor on a mission to share her story.

A sea of pink and white listened as Campbell remembered the first moments of her journey through cancer.

"I was playing in a basketball game," said Campbell. "I was nudged and I felt a lump."

Through that discovery, Campbell says she found her purpose.

"For me...I came through something that I'm thankful for and I just hope to inspire women to keep their heads up, to move through a process that, yes, may be challenging, may be fearful, but, as we see, there are hundreds of thousands of women that survive this every year," said Campbell.

She is right. At the event, other survivors, like Wilma Jamerson and Emily Voss were proudly wearing their survivor ribbons.

"I think it's important to have someone there that's truly there for you when you're going through cancer because you are walking through the valley of the shadow of death," said Jamerson. "Prior to being diagnosed with cancer, I thought cancer, death, cancer, death. It was an education for me as well."

"Breast cancer pretty much changed my life," said Voss. "I look back on that comment that the oncologist made the first time I saw her, and she said, 'Your life has changed from this day forward,' and I thought, 'I don't understand. Why? This is just a treatment. I'll move on.' But she was right. It changed me. It changed my outlook."

Every survivor's story is different, but their message is same.

"My interest is to save lives and create awareness," said Campbell.

If you want to help raise awareness about breast cancer, click here.

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