East Texans Try To Dry Out After Monday Floods

People in areas where the water rose on Monday spent Tuesday trying to dry out. Many were surveying the damage from where the rain flooded their houses.

For Amy Lauffer, things got squishy in a hurry.

"It came so fast," Amy says, "it just flooded the patio and came faster than I could deal with it. There was about six inches of standing rain."

Like many other Tyler people, Amy's finding out things are wetter than she thought.

"Just a little patch," she explains. "I told the carpet guys it was probably six foot by six foot on the phone."

"I had no idea," she says, as the electronic sensors showed her most of her den suffered water damage.

"A lot of people are surprised at the extent that we find with the moisture detectors," Tim Hopper of Stanley Steemer of East Texas says.

As they pulled her carpet and showed her the excess water underneath, Amy was amazed.

"I certainly had no idea that when he picked the pad up and the water was running out the bottom," she says. "I wasn't prepared to do that by myself."

Like many other people with soggy carpets this morning, Amy called the pros to repair the water damage and make sure it was done correctly.

"If homeowners just try and do it themselves with a shop vac and leave the carpet down and don't put dehumidifiers down, you take the chance of having too long to dry," Hopper says. "When it takes too long to dry, mold and mildew can grow."

So Tuesday, Amy just waited. She watched her floor, and hoped she could keep the rain outdoors next time.

Reid Kerr (rkerr@kltv.com) reporting.