Thieves breaking into cars with bigger target in mind

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - By Morgan Chesky - bio | email | Twitter
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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - It is the not-so-valuable item thieves are after that lets them right into your home. If you can see it through a car window so can someone else, making you a prime target.

From iPods to GPS units, they are the items car owners know to protect. But thieves eyes are moving elsewhere in hopes of a bigger payoff: garage door openers.

"It's really a triple whammy," said Ann Harris, with the Better Business Bureau. "We could be looking at a severe problem."

They are looking in cup holders and checking visors for your garage door opener.

"This is happening in other places and we were notified by another Better Business Bureau that it is a problem in their area," said Harris.

It is a problem that could be spreading. Thieves casually walk through parking lots, peeking through windows for the easily spotted openers.

Seconds after breaking in your car, thieves are already planning the break-in of your home. Grabbing your garage door opener, they want to find out where you live, which is easy information on anyone's proof of insurance.

"What do you have in your house? Credit card receipts, credit card information, bank checks," said Harris.

With an open garage, things are made easier when thieves approach an interior door that is left unlocked. So lock it up.

"If they steal something out of your garage, at least they haven't made it into your house to get your valuables and they're going to be in and out pretty quick," said Harris. "The name of the game is get ahead of their game and don't let them pull a triple whammy on you."

Officials say if you become a victim of a stolen door opener, call police and immediately disable your garage door. You can easily recode your door to the remote.

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