Get A Tan Even In The Rain -- All You Need -- A Towel And Tanning Pill

The rain. It seems like it's been here for weeks, and for East Texans wanting a golden tan, the weather has made it impossible. Or has it?

The latest in tanning technology is the tan towel.

Cathy Fuller at Coco's (903-825-2087) on FM 344 can hardly keep it on the shelves.

"We've had to reorder several times," she explains, but do they work.

"I really like it," says Becky Morgan who has used tan towels for a month. She says it works and the color lasts a few days, she does offer this warning though.

"You have to be careful, when you use it cause it's a plain white towel -- so you don't have a color guide. When I first used it I missed a few spots. I then went back with the tanning towel and filled them in. It then looked even."

Becky also says bathing and shaving wears the color off. That's where products like the tanning pill come in.

"This has beta carotene -- it stains the skin," says Grace Ram at WHole Health in Tyler (903-581-8811).

Some of the hottest products at her store are tanning pills like Elu sun and Solair. Both are sold and were created in Europe. They are not FDA approved and they have Vitamin A and E along with carotene inside the pills.

They supposedly add color to your skin and help enhance a natural or sunless tan. Supposedly they even keep you looking young.

"They have antioxidants in it and they tend to make your skin softer, so if you did tan in the sun you wouldn't get deep wrinkles."

So until the sun comes out in East Texas, the latest in tan technology promises the next best thing. But a warning, not everyone should take these pills. Check with your doctor first.

Michelle Mortensen, reporting.