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6/16/03 - Tyler

CDC Issues New Warning For Children About Diabetes

Martha Pyron not only treats diabetes patients at the Smith County Health District, she's a diabetic herself.

"I think the reason why I developed diabetes was my diet," says Martha.

Martha, who has Type 2, adult onset diabetes, only wishes she would have known as a child what a high fat diet with little exercise would do to her life.

"I have kidney trouble now and I have to take a pill and I take cholesterol meds because my cholesterol is too high."

She's just one of about 17 million American diabetics, but if CDC predictions are right that number is expected to rise to more than 45 million by 2050.  But, those who treat type two diabetes say it doesn't have to happen.

"The way to prevent it is a lifestyle change, not gaining to much weight. Exercising is like a medicine for diabetes," says Marie Taylor, ETMC Diabetes University Manager.  "It does decrease blood sugar."

Marie Taylor, manager of ETMC's Diabetes University, says kids need to start eating smaller portions now!

"Within the last two years, it has become more prevalent for children to get type 2 diabetes. It used to be adult onset," says Taylor.

"The longer you have it, the harder it is to control, because there's the chance you could lose a limb and other different things could develop," says Martha.

And Martha doesn't want any East Texas child to live a life on insulin like she does or develop complications from diabetes like blindness, heart disease or kidney disease.

Dana Dixon Reporting 

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