Aggie coaching great visits Tyler

By Ryan Peterson - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) -   If Pat Henry coached football, he'd have one of the most famous faces in all of sports.  But track and field doesn't get a lot of big television time.

The Texas A&M Men's and Women's Track and Field coach visited the Arbors on Roy Road Tuesday night in Tyler, to speak at the Tyler Smith County Aggie coaches night.

Henry is the only coach in NCAA history to coach men's and women's teams to national titles in the same year.  He did so 20 years ago with L.S.U. and matched the feet last year at Texas A&M.

Don't tell Henry hat track and field isn't a big deal.

"What do they say on television?" Henry asked.  "There's 450 thousand student athletes and not all of them are going to be professional. Twenty seven percent of that 450 thousand are track and field athletes. That means track and field is huge in the NCAA. It's one of your biggest. It's a very well respected sport I think as everyone knows. It's a huge sport all over this country and bigger all over the world."

Henry says the key to coaching great teams is putting good people around you, maintaining consistency and having good communication.

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