WWII veteran beaten by robber in Wills Point home

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WILLS POINT, TX (KLTV) - Police are on the hunt Monday night for the man who robbed and beat an 89-year-old East Texas veteran.

Authorities in Wills Point say C.D. Whittington, 89, was getting ready for bed Friday when a man knocked on his door. The man on the other side of the door then attacked Whittington, taking about $100 from him before running away.

"This is my home," said C.D. "I defended my country. Why can't I defend my home?" Bruised and battered, the World War II veteran sat outside the home where he was robbed and brutally beaten Friday night.

"The last time he hit me, he hit me right there," said C.D. Staples in the back of his head and 17 stitches mark C.D. Whittington's face. They are a reminder of what happened after he opened his door on Friday night. "He knocked me to my knees. When I got up, he had on a pair of gloves on and a butcher knife."

Looking for money and prescription pills, C.D. says his attacker held a knife to his back and tore apart the house. "I told him, 'There ain't no money,'" said C.D. "I said, 'There ain't no money here, buddy,' and there ain't no drugs here."

But, the attacker would not take no for an answer. C.D. says he was punched multiple times in the face before the robber broke open a filing cabinet and found his wallet inside. He ran off with $105 and an inhaler, leaving the bleeding veteran behind.

"He owns quite a few rent houses here in Wills Point - low-income rent houses," said Leslie Whittington, C.D.'s daughter. "Since he does that they automatically think he has money on him."

Leslie Whittington says her father has been targeted before. The first time, his truck was set on fire. She says people take advantage of her father's generosity. "People come by and borrow money from him and he gives it to him," she said. "People need food and he gives it to him, they need the shirt off his back and he will give it to them."

A man who has fought for his country is now fighting to find the person who did this to him.

The Whittington family has released this description of the attacker. They say it was an African American male between the age of 18 and 30. At the time, he was wearing a blue and white striped shirt, and again, he was in the Wills Point area, Friday night.

The family is also offering a reward of $500 for information leading to an arrest.

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