A Better East Texas: Hispanic Heritage Month

President Johnson in 1968 approved Hispanic Heritage Week. In 1988 President Reagan expanded it to a month starting on September 15.

This celebration is an opportunity to learn about the achievements that Americans of Hispanic descent have contributed to the vitality and strength of our state and nation.

We can trace the roots of Hispanics for almost 500 years with the arrival of Cabeza de Vaca in 1528 to what is now Galveston Island.

Their contributions are recorded through this great country's timeline.

A Member of Congress in 1822 from the Florida territory, Civil War Congressional Medal of Honor in 1866, Space Shuttle Missions, Publitizer Prize in Literature, Nobel Prize winners inScience and Medicine, and in Films, Music and Sports.

It important to not only recognize Americans of Hispanic Descent, but all ethic groups and their contributions to this great nation..

After all, we are of one nation-under God - Indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.