Happy MDA Campers Set Off For Summer Fun

They gathered Sunday morning at the KLTV offices, twelve kids from all over East Texas. All excited about summer camp, just like every other kid.

"I'm going to try something new that I didn't do last year," returning camper Jesse Partin said.

"It's a real nice place for these children to go to and enjoy each other's fellowship," said Terry Marrs, the father of a first-time camper. "They learn a little bit more about the condition they have."

The kids ate breakfast, got their physicals, and even got to play around on the KLTV news set for a while. From the laughter and smiles, you'd never think to even ask if any of these children had a medical condition.

In some ways, the focus of the camp is not to be a camp for special kids. It's just to give these kids the same experience that other kids have.

"They get to ride horses and swim," MDA D Tiffany Rives says. "We teach them country western dances, which is great for the kids in wheelchairs. They get to do things they never get to do on a regular basis."

"It's one week where they actually get to go to camp and they don't have to worry about people picking on them. Everyone there has some difference, so they really have a good time."

Finally, they boarded the bus and set off, leaving their parents behind and heading out for a fun weekend at summer camp.

Just like every other kid.

Reid Kerr (rkerr@kltv.com) reporting.