Longview Aviator Killed in Plane Crash

Police and emergency crews rushed to the scene just south of the Gladewater airport Saturday morning after getting calls that a plane was in trouble, and going down. It was just after 9 a.m. that witnesses called police saying a small plane was in trouble as it was circling the Gladewater airport.

Investigators say a wing sheared-off, and the plane went into a dive, crashing through trees, and practically disintegrating in a wooded area south of the airfield. 60 year old Tom Southern was killed in the crash of his CAP-10 aerobatic aircraft.

Witnesses told investigators, Southern had no chance to bail-out during the crash. Tom Southern was probably best known as being a champion aviator and organizer of the annual Great Texas Balloon Race in Longview.. Police and FAA agents continue to investigate the accident.

Reported by Bob Hallmark.