Murder victim's mother pleading for information

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CHAPEL HILL, TX (KLTV) - The mother of a murdered East Texas teenager is desperate for answers. Stacie Anderson, is asking for your help, hoping someone has information about her daughter's brutal murder.

Stacie Anderson says the last nine days have felt like a nightmare in slow motion. She says her desperation grows with every passing moment, not knowing who killed her daughter, Amanda.

"I'd like to know why," said Stacie. "Why in the world her? Why that could happen? We can't imagine her doing anything that would warrant something like this."

She is pleading for East Texans' help, hoping someone has information about Amanda's murder.

"Anybody that would have...anything, even if they thought it was investigation, I would hope they would come forth and say something just because I can't bear that it could happen again to somebody else," said Stacie.

Investigators say they are processing evidence, including a footprint smudge found on the door the intruder kicked in. They also say they are re-examining evidence from multiple burglaries committed in the area. Stacie is also confused about the crime scene. She says nothing was stolen from their home the night Amanda was murdered.

"The fact that it wasn't a burglary, and that even the slim possibility that it was just for that reason, I just can't fathom that," said Stacie. "I can't comprehend that at all."

In a few weeks, Amanda would have turned 20. It was a birthday Stacie says she was looking forward to. It will be the first holiday of many without Amanda.

"I know we're not supposed to question God, but I have asked how could something like this happen?" said Stacie.

It is also difficult for Stacie to think of all the little things that made her relationship with Amanda so precious.

"I don't know who my shopping buddy is going to be anymore or who's going to run down to Dairy Queen and get us a Blizzard," said Stacie. "She loved her ice cream. Our whole life has changed."

If you have any information about Amanda's murder, authorities are urging you to call Crime Stoppers. There is a $1,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.

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