East Texas mom: 'Oh my God! I'm having this baby in this car'

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LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - It is nerve racking enough for a husband and wife to know "it's time" for a baby to come and they need to get to the hospital 20 minutes ago. But, sometimes things do not go so smoothly.

One East Texas couple was racing to the hospital to deliver their baby, but they got stuck in traffic because of a wreck!

At 5:58 Thursday afternoon, 6-pound 14-ounce Dyson Lebraun Webb was born and what a story his parents will have to tell about how he got here.

"I will not ever be able to forget yesterday," said Dyson's mom, Amanda Webb. "I won't."

Tenaha resident Amanda Webb, 22, was in labor as her husband, Glendon, tried to get her to a Longview hospital driving north on 149.

"My water broke at 9 o'clock yesterday morning," said Webb. "We headed up here. We get to Lakeport and there's a wreck."

An 18-wheeler had collided with a cement truck near Whiskey Bend. The Webbs were caught in a standstill for 30 minutes. Contractions were two minutes apart and the obvious thought came to mind.

"'Oh my God! I'm having this baby in this car,'" said Webb. "I was scared...I was really scared that we weren't going to make it to the hospital."

Fortunately, an ambulance was already at the scene, and an emergency crew was assigned to the Webbs.

"Well, we had a pretty chaotic scene because an 18-wheeler and cement truck had been involved in an accident, tying up a lot of resources," said Fire Marshal Johnny Zachary, with the Longview Fire Department. "We knew this lady was going to have a baby the medics responded. That crew determined that, 'Hey, we've got to get this girl to the hospital.'"

"They got us around the traffic and the fire department helped with everything," said Webb. "They were really good!"

Little Dyson is healthy, tired but no worse for wear.

The rescue crew who helped Webb get to the hospital also paid a visit to her Thursday, but have not had a chance to see Dyson yet. Amanda and Dyson will remain in Good Shepherd Hospital for another day before going home.

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