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6/13/03 - Tyler

Salvation Army Center Of Hope Means Second Chance

After two years, Tyler's Salvation Army is finally all moved into its new home, the Louise and Joseph Z. Ornelas Center of Hope. The new ten million dollar structure has room for up to two hundred people, providing more than just a building to people who rely on the Salvation Army for a home.

"It means a new way of life," resident Bo Silvey said. "We had a tough time before I came here, it's got me back on my feet, my wife and I and my kids."

Bo and his wife Linda have been with the Salvation Army since February. They say their time in the new center has saved their family.

"It has meant our life to us," Linda Silvey says. "If it hadn't been for the salvation army, I don't know where we would be. I don't know how things would have turned out."

"I know being here has built our family stronger."

Bo and Linda say the new facilities, with room for two hundred people, have changed their lives.

"It's just state of art," Bo says. "A lot of the facilities are not like this."

The new Center of Hope also has a larger dining room, chapel, and food pantry. It also features a new social services center where they offer job training and counseling.

"When you live in a place you can be proud of," Linda agrees, "You can feel better about yourself."

For people like Bo and Linda, having a place like the center means more than just a place to sleep. It shows them that someone believes in them.

"It brings out your spirit," Linda says, "because if people in the community care enough about us to build a place like this, we should care enough about ourselves to do something about our lives."

For the residents, a helping hand helps them believe in this place of hope.

Reid Kerr ( reporting.

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