Strong Storms, Heavy Rain Cause Damage, Headaches

East Texans had to practice a little patience on slick roadways Friday, and most drivers were left with one question -- when is it going to stop?

Threatening storm clouds greeted Gladewater drivers on their way to work today. By midmorning...heavy rains and wind had taxed everything from traffic signals to storm drains.

In Tyler, drivers found themselvers manuevering through standing pools of water. Those who couldn't stay off the roads rolled with the fickle weather.

"Anytime the weather's bad, you've got large trucks such as Fed Ex and diesel rigs and you've got cars pulling out in front of you. It's kind of a headache," said driver Keith Congleton.

Driver Susan Luke says, "I thought 'Oh, another day of rain.' But I'm not going to have to water the lawn."

For one Tyler family, high winds and drenched soil cost them a prized piece of landscape. A large oak tree.

"It was one of the landmarks in the neighborhood and now its gone its going to change things up a bit. You hate to lose a tree like this." says homeowner Scott Terry.

The old oak fell, knocking down a power line, kiling all the electricity on Fry street. Around noon... East Texans living in northern counties were fooled by a break in the cloud -- a break not expected to last.

Reported by Kerri Panchuk.