2 charged with beating male cheerleader

By Dick Berry - email
Posted by Dave Dykema - email

FINDLAY, OH (WTOL) - Criminal charges came down this week against two 11-year-old Findlay boys. Their alleged crime: bullying one of their classmates who's a cheerleader.

The two Glenwood Middle School students were charged with different crimes. One for felonious assault, the other assault.

Tyler Wilson, 11, the cheerleader, has a bum knee and can't play football. But he likes to tumble and do back flips.

Tyler tried out for the cheerleading squad of the Findlay Steelers in the local midget football league and made it.

But it came at a cruel price.

On August 31, Tyler was beaten up and bullied while leaving school. Two boys jumped him and broke his arm.

"I think it's kind of sad because they won't accept me for who I am," Tyler said. "I think they're jealous...that I get to hang around a bunch of girls."

The two boys taunted Tyler, calling him a sissy.

Tyler's mom says there's nothing girly--as she puts it--about a guy being a cheerleader.

"Boy or girl, these boys and girls put a lot of time into supporting their teams and they deserve respect," Kristy Wilson said. "That it's not right to treat people like that. Whatever choices people make to do with their life, that's their choice."

Tyler is getting support for the choice he made. Members of the Steelers football team sent him a get well card.

Tyler may need surgery to heal his broken arm.

But when he's better, he plans to get back to what he loves, tumbling and doing back flips for the Findlay Steelers--no matter what anybody else thinks.

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