Neighbors on edge after 22-year-old robbed, beaten

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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Police in Tyler are on the hunt for two men they say beat and robbed a young woman just outside from her front door.

They say it happened around 10 p.m. Thursday at the Bullard Crossing apartment complex on the corner of Old Bullard and Rice Road. Police say the men made off with the 22-year-old's wallet and sent her to the hospital.

Neighbors are, understandably, on edge. They say everything started out peaceful and quite.

"Suddenly, I heard somebody running so fast," said Ayesha Nayyer, a neighbor.

Nayyer thought someone was trying to break into her storage closet when she looked out the window.

"I saw police standing outsideā€¦ and ambulance people and my neighbors from upstairs," said Nayyer.

She would later find out what happened. Nayyer says that a few feet from her apartment door, her neighbor was beaten and robbed.

"Yesterday, that lady, she was alone," said Nayyer. "She just walked around to the management office to get some soda from the soda machine."

The victim was on her way back when she was attacked from behind.

"The first suspect hit her in the face and knocked her down on the ground, and, apparently while she was down there, the second suspect hit her several times with some type of club," said Officer Don Martin, with Tyler Police.

He says that so far there have been no breaks in the case.

"We're certainly looking for the guys responsible for this...and we're going to put them in jail for it," said Martin. "Someone knows something out there."

"This is the place where my kids play, you know," said Nayyer. "This is the neighborhood where we want to live peacefully."

The suspects were dressed in all black wearing bandanas and gloves. There was no cash in the wallet, but police say they are facing aggravated robbery charges and up to 99 years in jail.

If you have any information, please call Tyler Police.

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