Senior Day kicks off East Texas State Fair

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - By Jamey Boyum - email
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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Monday is the first full day of the 95th East Texas State Fair! What better way to kick it off than free gate admission for anyone over 55? But, wait! There is more! One lucky person was named the Senior of the Year.

Senior Day kicked off the 95th East Texas State Fair where a lucky few won a door prize, and it seems if there is an event you will find Anne DeLaet of Welcome Home Soldiers fame. She hangs out at airports a lot, but this time around she was at Harvey Convention Center.

"I was working at the registration table and all of a sudden my volunteers started dragging me to the door and they were talking about Welcome Home Soldiers," she said.

Yes, it was time to announce the senior citizen of the year. Guess who won?

"They gave me this beautiful plaque - 'Senior Citizens Day...Senior Citizen of the Year' - I was flabbergasted," DeLaet said. "I had no idea this was going to happen!"

The 95th East Texas State Fair goes on through October 3rd with bands performing every night through October 2nd.

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