A Better East Texas: Christine O'Donnell is bad for the Tea Party

Republican/Tea Party candidate Christine O'Donnell will be on the general election ticket for a U-S Senate seat in Delaware come November. Miss O'Donnell won an upset primary victory against a long-term representative and former Delaware Governor Mike Castle. You really have to look at Miss O'Donnell's history to see if she is drawn more to being on TV than serving the citizens of Delaware. During her early adult years she appeared on several TV shows usually positioned as a resource on topics from sexual practices to sorcery. The Tea Party movement has some great momentum and no doubt will be a force in November, but now is the time to centralize a platform to ensure that any candidates that they support are worthy of the Tea Party's endorsement. Miss O'Donnell has a laundry list of bad choices and poor judgment resulting in a defaulted mortgage, a lawsuit from her college for back tuition, and a string of questionable personal and professional tangles. Each of these situations is now being exposed and will most certainly be used against her.  That magnifies the point all the more that the Tea Party has the stage and has everyone's attention to deliver viable candidates now, or they will face an implosion due to the antics of candidates like O'Donnell.