Beauty Products For Dad This Father's Day

This year fashion experts say forget the ties, loose the cologne, and get rid of all that is traditional when it comes to buying a gift for your daddy dearest. In fact, the hottest gifts for dad this June are supposedly beauty products for men.

Several East Texas stores, including Clinique, Bath & Body Works, and La Bratt all have lines catered especially for men. You can find everything from exfoliating creams and scrubs, to shaving cream, to lotions made just for the men in your life.

Sales Associates at all of the local stores say men love the products and buy them all the time.

All of the products sell from $3.00 to $40.00.

Some men we spoke with say they love the products.

Reporter: "Can manly, macho men where cosmetics?"

Norris Tigert: " Yes. I think so. I am 60 plus and I use them."

But not all men said they like the idea.

Reporter: "What would you think if your kids bought you beauty products this year?

Answer: "Beauty products? Are they manly beauty products?"

Most wives though it was a great idea.

"He'd probably like it. He like to smell good," said Amanda Attaway.

So beauty products may not be for every man, but it youl listen to the fashionistas who tell us all what's in and what's out ... beauty products may be the right choice for dear old dad this year.