East Texas prayer event draws hundreds

By Taylor Hemness - bio | email

BULLARD (KLTV) - Four words were all it took for Bridlewood Church in Bullard to get dozens of churches and organizations to come to an event tonight, and pray for everything from the church house to The White House: Come pray with me.

Lyle Skeels sat in the back of the Bushman Celebration Center tonight, praying for his family, his church, and his country.

And he's hoping that people across the country are praying for the same thing.

"We need a moral base in this nation, that we're moving away from," Skeels said. "I think we need to return to it, and if that's happening across our nation, it could be good for us as America."

Lyle came to the "Come Pray with Me" meeting Tuesday night, because he thinks the country is in a place it's been before, and needs some of the same medicine.

"The first great awakening, about fifty years after America was founded, came at a time when the moral climate of our nation had gone down a lot. It changed America," Skeels said.

Tuesday, that medicine included hundreds of people praying together. Most of them were meeting for the first time, and they believe in the power of what they're doing.

"Oh yes, yes. I believe in the power of prayer, and of the power of the church to come together and pray," said Flint resident Krista Rosebury.

Organizers stressed that the meeting is not about politics, but evidence was still there Tuesday night. Representatives from Grassroots America, We the People, and the Tyler chapter of the Tea Party were on hand. They were invited so they could help people register to vote, and the Tea Party said that separation of church and state doesn't apply here.

"What the constitution speaks to is that congress may make no law," said Tea Party chair Tammy Blair. "That doesn't separate church and state. In fact, in our early history, they met in churches. So that's a myth, and we're not going for it."

There is already a second "Come Pray With Me" meeting that's been scheduled for November 1st. Organizers say the location hasn't been selected yet because they're expecting an even bigger turnout next time.

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