College alumni want shirt back from actress

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COMMERCE, TX (KLTV) - Lindsey Lohan must face a Beverly Hills judge again after failing at least one drug test while on probation. While stuck in the national spotlight, the actress has caught the attention of an East Texas college. Lohan was spotted wearing an East Texas State University t-shirt. Alumni of the school, which is now called Texas A&M Commerce, are asking for their shirt back.

It is a reputation the East Texas State University Alumni Association does not want to claim.

"We are so sorry that she is having a hard time, but if you were a parent and looking across the web for schools and you saw that Lindsey Lohan had the t-shirt from the school you were thinking of sending your child, I think you would back out or think of another school," said Larry Goddard, with the alumni board of directors.

It is a photo of Lohan, in an East Texas State University shirt, that has alumni like Larry Goddard asking her to hand back the t-shirt.

"When she was in the Disney films and doing all of that, we would probably endorse that and send her more shirts," said Goddard.

But Goddard says her visits to rehab and recent stay in jail are not a good reflection on his alma mater. A Facebook page has even been created to encourage the star to return their shirt.

"We are not trying to be malicious or mean, but it is just, 'Lindsey, good luck with your recovery, but we would rather have our shirt back,'" said Goddard.

"Is that Lindsey?!" exclaimed one student. "That's Lindsey Lohan with an East Texas State shirt on...that means she need to go here."

Texas A&M Commerce students Lohan's age have a slightly different opinion than their elders.

"I think it might be a little dramatic to say that reflects the college specifically," said Nathaniel Brinlee, a sophomore.

"I feel like that is going totally overboard because, for example, UT put their shirts in the Wal-Mart down here and none of us go to UT but half of us have them in our closet and wear them," said Jasmine Lee.

So, the favor has been asked and now it is up to Lohan to decide the fate of her retro top.

Goddard says they have reached out to Lohan's agent, but have not heard back. They are hoping their Facebook page will catch Lohan's attention.

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