Family Falls Through For Young Girl

For a child in Foster Care, finding a permanent home may take years. The wait can be especially frustrating for young children. It takes time for adoptive parents to be certified and to make sure they are the "right family." Other times, when it seems the "perfect family" has been chosen, it falls through. That's exactly what's happened to a little girl we introduced you to last December. Her holiday didn't turn out the way she had hoped. Her name is Kaitlynne. Once again, a forever family is on her wish list.

Last December Kaitlynne visited Santa at Tyler's Broadway Square Mall. "Hi beautiful, how are you?" Asks the man in the big red suit as this 8 year old approaches. This is a trip kids look forward to each year. Santa gets asked for just about everything, but this particular year he got a request he doesn't hear often. "I want a new family with a nice mom and a nice father and a brother and a sister and me, on a farm," says Kaitlynne.

This young girl grew up in a chaotic lifestyle and didn't receive the affection and attention she needed at a young age. She was removed from her home and now waits patiently for a forever family. "A family is important to me because I'd love them and they'll take care of me," says Kaitlynne with a soft voice.

This charming little girl usually has a smile on her face. She's very sociable and makes friends easily. She's already looking ahead to her future. She says, "I want to be a cheerleader, and when I stop being a cheerleader I want to be a ballerina." Kaitlynne loves dancing and is already enrolled in dance class. This 2nd grader excels in school, making straight A's. "School is fun because we get to learn and stuff. We do math and games," explains Kaitlynne.

Just a few years ago, Kaitylnne was unsure if she was ready for adoption. Past abuse made her leery of wanting to attach to a new family, but that has all changed. "It's real important to me because I'd like to live in an adopted home," she says. Charlotte Sanders with Child Protective Services says it's something Kaitlynne talks about a lot. "She said, 'Let me draw you a picture.' So she got the paper out and the colors and she began to draw this picture. She was able to show me what she wanted. She wants a mom, dad and she wants other kids in the home, maybe a brother or sister. The main thing is, she wants to be out where she can run freely and play. A barn is very important to her."

Kaitlynne would do best as the youngest or only child in a family. She is a healthy little girl with no special medical needs. She will need a nurturing, structured home with consistency. But most of all, Kaitylnne longs for the day when she has a family to share the holidays. "They'll always love me and I'll always love them," she says sweetly. And if Santa is only able to bring her one present this year, she's hoping it will be the Gift of Love.

If you'd like to know more about Kaitlynne, or about how to become a foster or adoptive parent, call our Gift of Love hotline. The toll-free number is 1-888-kids-275.

Gilllian Sheridan reporting.