Texas Tops In Uninsured Children

Governor Perry addressed the lack of insured children in Texas today. He said he plans on doubling the number of qualified health care workers, making health care available to 500,000 more uninsured Texans. 

   Twenty-two percent of Texas children do not have health insurance, that's the highest in the nation. In Smith and Gregg counties total, more than 7,000 kids are on the Chips program, and more than 20 thousand are on Medicaid.

   And the Chips program is in jeopardy. If it loses funding, more than 100,000 Texas children could be dropped. State legislators are proposing to eliminate it. If that happens, thousands of Texas kids would be left without health care.

   Next month, the legislature will make a decision to keep the program. It then has to be approved by the governor. If it's not approved, the program will end august 31st.

   Bob Hallmark, reporting.