Crack cocaine dealer gets 40 years in prison

Photo Source: Henderson County
Photo Source: Henderson County

Released by the Henderson County District Attorney:

HENDERSONS COUNTY, TX - Henderson County Jury sentenced Marvin Lewis Thompson, 43 of Tyler to 40 years in prison Thursday afternoon for possession of approximately 9 grams of cocaine with intent to deliver in Judge Mark Calhoon's 3rd District Court.

The jury took just over four hours to decide his punishment after finding him guilty of the offense on Wednesday. Thompson was arrested by former Drug Enforcement Unit (DEU) investigator's Jody Miller and Damon Boswell after receiving information from a confidential informant that Lewis was in possession of the cocaine. Jody Miller is now employed as a Henderson County District Attorney Investigator and Damon Boswell is now the Chief of Police of Gun Barrel City.

The investigation into Thompson began when the DEU received information on 7/23/07 that Marvin Louis Thompson was in possession of crack cocaine. Investigators went to the location and found Thompson parked at the Union Hill Baptist Church in Brownsboro, TX and made contact with him. After initial questioning on the scene, Thompson admitted to having marijuana in his vehicle. Investigators Miller and Boswell then searched Thompson's vehicle and found 9.16 grams of cocaine and over $1,000 in cash that was seized as proceeds from narcotic activity. Thompson was arrested for the 1st Degree felony offense.

During the punishment phase of the trial, Assistant District Attorney's Bridget Bateman and Lauren Melhart introduced evidence showing Thompson had been to prison before in 1993 for Possession of a Controlled Substance out of Smith County and received a 10 yr sentence. Bateman and Melhart also introduced evidence and a video of an evading arrest charge that was committed while Thompson was out on bail in which Thompson fled through both Henderson and Smith Counties for approximately 30 minutes from Officer Stuart Alexander of the Chandler Police Department after Stuart attempted to perform a traffic stop on Thompson for speeding on 10/18/09. Once arrested, Officer Alexander found cocaine in Thompson's vehicle as well as over $1,000 in cash that was seized as proceeds from narcotic activity.

Bateman told the jury in closing arguments that Thompson was a drug dealer whose behavior was never going to change and in fact was escalating, given his October, 2009, 30 minute evading throughout Henderson and Smith Counties after his initial arrest in July, 2007.

"This Jury's sentence sends a message that the citizens of Henderson County will not tolerate drug dealers." said District Attorney Scott McKee. "I am very happy with the outcome of the case and the sentence and am grateful to be able to present our cases to people who truly care about our community and answer the call of jury service".

According to McKee, the drug enforcement unit is still out beating the bushes. "They are still in this office on an almost daily basis turning in cases for prosecution". Said McKee. "Narcotics are still a top priority with both the Sheriff and I."