Grandparents of tot who shot self share terrifying story

SMITH COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - By Sara Story - bio | email
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SMITH COUNTY (KLTV) - A two-year-old boy who accidentally shot himself in the head, is now in critical but stable condition.

Jayden McLean, 2, was flown to a Dallas hospital Thursday after the shooting, off Highway 31 in Smith County.

Chanda McLean, the child's grandmother, says the gun that fired the shot looked a lot like one of Jayden's toys.

"I heard a pop and she was screaming so I run back there and she was bringing him out of the office," said Charles McLean. "She said he had been shot."

It was an unimaginable scene as Charles and Chanda McLean babysat their grandson Jayden. They own the Sports Club and took the two year old there as they replaced their bartender. Chanda says her grandson was there less than 10 minutes before he wandered into the back office.

"I was talking to him while he was in there and then I was like I need to go in there and before I got there I heard a bang...and there he was standing," said Chanda McLean. "I didn't even know it was there."

She says Jayden found the couple's 9-millimeter pistol. It resembled the black toy gun he received after a vacation to Branson.

"It usually stays in a safe," said Charles. "It was hid in this tray where you couldn't see it. Nothing but the handle and he seen it."

The couple says they were prompted to keep the handgun following another tragic event. Their son, Dexter, was shot and killed inside their home two years ago.

"Anybody that goes in and finds their baby, I think they will want a gun, too," said Charles.

"We never had a gun and then my son was murdered," said Chanda.

It is protection that turned dangerous when it ended up in Jayden's hands.

"I really don't know if it was the bullet that grazed his head," said Chanda. "I don't know if it was the gun that come back and hit him on the head."

A reminder of the son they lost, Chanda is grateful her grandson is still here.

The sheriff's office is still investigating. Investigators will hand the case over to the District Attorney's office to see if any charges will be filed.

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