East Texas highschoolers cooking up tasty creations

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WHITEHOUSE, TX (KLTV) - It is not your momma's Home Ec class. Family and Consumer Science courses have come a long way. Now, all the craze is in the kitchen.

Several local high schools are implementing culinary classes run like a real commercial kitchen.

At Whitehouse High School students are so confident in their cooking, they want you to hire them.

There is no such thing as too many cooks in their kitchen. The Whitehouse High Schoolers are learning to work together as a team and they mean business.

"She runs this class like an actual kitchen," said Jamikell Burns, a junior.

Chef Deidra Stewart underwent special training to teach students job skills they will use in real commercial kitchens.

"I went to training at Le Cordon Bleu," said Stewart.

Not only are they slicing and dicing, but the kids are learning about time management, safety and sanitation. All of them, even some football players, are interested in culinary school somewhat of a new fad.

"They go home and they watch the cooking shows," said Stewart. "They watch Iron Chef, and Master Chef and Kitchen Nightmares and they love it."

Jamikell Burns wants to run his own restaurant.

"I really love food but I love to cook so this is been a class that I've been passionate about wanting to take and I want to go to culinary art school," said Burns.

Confidence is one ingredient they are not lacking. The team is already gearing up for competition.

"We want to prove to everybody that even though this is our first year, we can cook," said Burns. "We can show y'all that we can do this."

To help them raise funding, they're asking you to hire them for all your catering needs.

"We cook everything from Italian, to the Chinese to American," said Burns. Anything you can think of, we'll probably cook it for you."

Their creations are sure to be crowd pleasers.

"We did whip cream on top and added a little banana," said senior Josi Moore, showing off a tasty creation.

The students are serious about picking up business. In fact, they are opening their own restaurant soon.

For more information:
Contact Chef Deidra Stewart at StewartD@whitehouseisd.org
Or, call Leanne Jamison, Career and Technology Director, at 903-839-5544

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