Mother may face charges in 6-year-old's death

Photo Source: Estala Soriano, Moises Marino's aunt
Photo Source: Estala Soriano, Moises Marino's aunt

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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas mother may be facing charges after her six-year-old, Moises Marino, son died in a car accident.

Authorities believe Silvia Marino fell asleep at the wheel Thursday afternoon before slamming into a tree on County Road 381, just north of Tyler.

"Sad. Sad. I mean it's something you can do nothing about, but it's sad," said Estela Soriano, Moises's aunt.

Soriano is coping with the death of her nephew. She spent Thursday afternoon comforting his mother, Marino, at the hospital. She says she can still hear her screams.

"She's desperate," said Soriano. "She's crying. She said it's her fault because she was driving and I tell her it's not her fault it was an accident."

A terrible crash authorities say should never have happened. Moises was not riding in a booster seat or wearing his seat belt properly. Even worse, DPS spokesperson, Jean Dark, says it appears Marino fell asleep at the wheel before slamming the family minivan into a tree.

"There might be some signs that the driver was fatigued or had gone to sleep," said Dark.

"She said...the only thing she remembers [is] she just go like this and she saw the tree in front of her," said Soriano. "She don't remember nothing else."

She may not remember the crash, but authorities say Marino will never forget this scene and the consequences it holds.

"There is a possibility of charges being filed," said Dark. "Really, the first and foremost is not having a valid driver's license."

Soriano says all that is left are pictures and memories of her little nephew she so desperately wanted to see grow up. She says Moises was Marino's pride and joy.

"He was really tied to his mom," said Soriano. "So, it's going to be really hard for her."

Funeral arrangements for Moises are pending.

DPS says it may take up to ten days before their investigation is complete and the appropriate charges are filed.

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