Annual Senior Olympics held at the Oil Palace in Tyler

By Taylor Hemness - bio | email

Evelyn Cumby is an Olympic athlete. In fact, she's, an Olympic champion, after winning her race at the 30th annual Senior Olympics.

And Evelyn says the Olympics remind her of her youth, which is even better than winning.

"I was in gymnastics," Cumby said. "And I like the sport. It is so sweet, for people to come out and be together like this."

Wednesday was Evelyn's first trip to the Senior Olympics. That's not the case for Don Beaver, a three-time champ in his race. And he says his strategy is pretty simple.

"Well, I just have my hand ready to make it go."

But it's not just the races that make this event special. Organizers say the best part is when families get to see other people cheering for their loved ones, as they get their moments in the spotlight.

"Everyone in the community has a mee-maw, or a gigi, or a mom, or a dad, or someone that's in a facility," said Leatha Taylor, the president of the East Texas Chapter of Activity Professionals.

"When they come and show support, it lets the family know that we don't forget our people, and no one else should forget our people."

Organizers say they'll keep the event going for another thirty years if they can. But all of the facilities that come to the Olympics can always use help from more volunteers.

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