Suspect Has History Of Abuse

Police believe it was a case of domestic abuse.

Investigators say James Reedy shot his 31 year old estranged wife, Lori Long, then turned the gun on himself. Lori died instantly. Reedy is expected to recover.

There is new information that Reedy has a history of abusing women.

Court record show Lori Long prompted a charge of stalking in December against James Reedy.

She then dropped the charges and married Reedy three months later.

Monday morning Lori desperately called 911. Police arrived too late. She was shot to death by the man, friends say, she was trying to leave.

"It's a horribly sad thing when you know what a beautiful, wonderful person that she was," says Donna Bloom director of the Women's Crisis Center of East Texas.

Ironically Lori herself was a volunteer at the center. She helped out at Hope's Closet and provided clothes for victims of family violence.

Donna says most likely James Reedy had abused before, "in this homicide and with several others that we've experienced in our community over the last 3 or 4 years is it follows a pretty typical pattern in that she's trying to leave."

In 1993 James Reedy was charged with assaulting his ex-wife. Three years later in Montgomery county Reedy was charged and convicted of attempting to murder her. Then this past January he was arrested again and charged with delivery of a controlled substance.

For any woman living in abuse, Donna says before leaving, victims need a safety plan.

"If things are that he's calling a lot he's saying he wants to kill himself he's talking about can't live without you that's indication that you may need to seek some shelter."

Donna says many people may ask what Lori could've done differently. Donna says the focus should be on the person who took her life.

"The bottom line is it's not Lori's fault, it's not my staffs fault, it's not her family's fault. It's James Reedy's fault.

James Reedy has not been formally charged with Monday's murder.

The Women Center of East Texas plans to have a candlelight vigil Thursday night in honor of Lori Long.

Call the center for the time and location.

Amy Tatum reporting.