Pilot of crashed aircraft did not have license

WOOD COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - By Jena Johnson - email
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MINEOLA, TX (KLTV) - Investigators say Mark England, 54, crashed the one-man aircraft, known as a Bearcat Airplane, in a field off of County Road 2245.

Authorities say that England did not have a pilot license. Authorities added it could explain his strange behavior at the scene of the crash.

After crashing a small aircraft England emerged with investigators, and then dodged cameras, ducking into a Trooper's car.

"He didn't even want his family to know he had this one or was flying," said Trooper Brandon Owens. "They don't know anything about it."

Around 9 a.m. Wednesday, Nancy Davenport spotted England crawling through a barbed wire fence.

"He walked up to the porch there and started asking me where he was at," said Nancy Davenport, who reported the crash to authorities.

Davenport says his shirt and chin were covered in blood. She says she wanted to call for help, but England refused. He would not even tell her his name.

"I just started naming off people like, 'I can call this…' No, he didn't want me to call anyone," said Davenport. "He called his friend."

Although Trooper Owens seems to have a clear idea of what caused England to go down, he says the way England handled the accident is puzzling.

"He said he lost power sometime this morning and that he tried to land it, but where he landed was pretty hilly and it was a crash landing," said Owens. "It always makes you suspicious. I mean why would you care? Why would your family not know you fly these little planes? It was a little weird to me. Still is."

DPS investigators say they have handed over the investigation to the FAA. The FAA could bring charges against England, since he did not have a pilot's license and the plane was not registered.

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