Are you getting what you're paying for at the pump?

By Morgan Chesky - email

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - Texas Ag Commissioner Todd Staples fired back at his opponent's claim that you may not be getting all you're paying for at the pump.

Democratic candidate Hank Gilbert claimed in an East Texas visit Monday that 49% of all gas stations in Smith County were not compliant with regulations.

Staples' campaign responded by calling Gilbert a "pathological liar," and cited TDA statistics showing Smith County mirroring the state average of 94% compliance.

Still, that 6% of faulty pumps have East Texas drivers keeping an eye out.

Topeka McKenzie tells KLTV she only visits stations she's already tested, saying "you don't always get the same amount of gas, so you get your little gas can and fill it up to see if you're really getting a gallon of gas."

When it's time to fill up his truck, Anthony Cox eyes the pump meter after being burned before.

Cox tells us "I want to make sure I'm getting $20 worth because times are still tight and hard."

Now to make sure you're getting your money's worth at the gas station, look for the inspection sticker right next to every pump. It's good for four years and if it's not there or out of date, you need to find yourself a new station.

State code keeps gas stations in check at least once every four years, or more often, as required by the department, a weighing or measuring device shall be inspected and tested for correctness by the department.

Officials add that heavier fines are falling on those outside the law to keep business honest.

A little easy math can also help you make sure your gas pump is accurate.

Next time you fill up, stop at ten gallons and look at the price. If it's not exactly ten times more than the price per gallon, see an attendant.

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