New TV series to center on murder of East Texas family

Terry remained by his daughter's side through the whole ordeal.
Terry remained by his daughter's side through the whole ordeal.
Bobbi Johnson.
Bobbi Johnson.

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RAINS COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - It was a horrific triple murder that tore an East Texas town apart and is still making national headlines.

In March of 2008, the Caffey family of Emory was attacked early in the morning in their own home. Their daughter is at the center of the murder plot.

A new TV show will chronicle the case and pour through details of the investigation. It will air on ABC Tuesday night.

Residents and former neighbors of the Caffeys say they will never forget the tragedy.

"People don't talk about it much," said Debby Landers of Emory.

But, it is certain no one around Emory will ever forget the murders of Penny Caffey, and her two sons.

"I just loved them to death," said a family friend. "It was just like losing one of my kids when I found out about it."

Terry and Penny Caffey were shot in their bedroom. The couple's 13- and 8-year-old sons were shot and stabbed to death.

Terry managed to crawl to a neighbor's home for help, but the rest of the family died. Their home was set on fire, making the investigation even more difficult.

"The victims have been burned and they have been sent to Smith [County] for autopsies," said an investigator.

But, it did not take long for the dark twisted plot to unravel. The Caffey's teenage daughter, Erin, and her boyfriend at the time, Charlie Wilkinson, both pled guilty, as did Charles Waid and Bobbi Johnson.

"His daughter...she's ruined her life, and he's lost his family members," said Landers.

But, Terry remained by his daughter's side through the whole ordeal. Terry has since published a book, detailing the events of that terrifying night. Former neighbor, Thomas Proctor, says nobody saw it coming.

"He was playing with the children the night before it happened," said Proctor. "They had a real good family and I think a lot of it in his book was the shock of what happened."

Though it is not spoken of much anymore, many residents like Debby Landers still can't fathom what would turn the teenagers into cold-blooded killers.

"Why the little boys?" she said. "They did nothing to him."

A beautiful family was lost, one also known for their musical talents.

"They served the Lord," said next door neighbor, Mr. Gaston.

They were taken tragically but never forgotten.

Terry Caffey speaks out about the murders in a new show debuting Tuesday, September 14th, on ABC. Final Witness will air at 9 p.m.

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