New Questions Surface in Officer's Death

New questions are surfacing in the shooting death of an Anderson County Sergeant Investigator.

Authorities say they're not ruling out the possibility that Sgt. Shelby Green (39) died from a self-inflicted gun shot wound to the chest on May 15, 2003. A fellow officer discovered Sgt. Green dead on an abandoned road near Bradford.

While investigators are not ruling out suicide, they're not ruling it "in" either, says Anderson County Sheriff John Hobson.  "We are doing an active investigation," Hobson says. "There is nothing we can do about rumors. It may be weeks before we get the results. It may be weeks before we can say it was a suicide or homicide."

Texas Ranger Sgt. Rudy Flores is quoted in the Sunday edition of the Palestine Herald Press saying, "Cartridge casings recovered at the crime scene are consistent with the type of pistol issued to and carried by Shelby Green."

Some people living in Anderson County say suicide rumors started spreading soon after Green's death.

"It's one of the most shocking things I've heard since I've been here," says Palestine resident Leanora Braser.

Authorities say rumors mean little when ballistic, toxicology and forensic reports are not back to support them.

"I can't address the rumors," says Sheriff Hobson. "People are going to talk. That's part of it right now--We're unable to give anyone a definite answer."

Hobson say it's important authorities are accurate in their final ruling, because Green's family stands to gain substantial government benefits awarded to relatives of fallen officers.

Kerri Panchuk, reporting.