Disabled Girl Meets Couple Who Donated Gift of Mobility

Over the past month, we've been bringing you updates on Joy Lynn Stricklen, a seven-year-old girl born with severe disabilities. She needed a wheelchair lift for her family's van, but they couldn't afford it. But because of our story, and the generosity of a Tyler company, and a Lindale couple, Joy has the life she needs. Riding like she never has before.

It's a meeting that's like an emotional reunion. Joy's new lift was the key to getting around for Diane Wausson's mother, Nadine. She passed away in January.

Diane's husband, Jerry Wausson: "It's probably done more for Diane than anybody, to be able to give this to a child."

Diane says, "I kept praying about what I should do, and I just kept praying. And the answer was there, give it to child."

Joy can take her wheelchair everywhere now. Even to lunch at the Wausson's Pizza Inn in Lindale.

Joy's father, Tommy Stricklen: "She can just go where she's got to go, and just get the electric wheelchair out. So it's saved a lot of footwork."

Joy tells us, "Before I had to walk out to the van, and now I can wheel out there to the van."

Her life is much easier.

Diane says, "I didn't realize how anxious I was to meet her until I talked with you this morning. And like right now... it's just a flood of emotions. That child... she's so happy to have that lift. She's so proud of it, so there's no greater gift that I could have received, and to know that my mother would be so joyed that that little girl has that."

Joyed indeed, now that Joy Lynn has what she needs for as normal a life as possible.

Wherever her little heart takes her.

The Wausson's wheelchair lift had been on consignment with American Lift Aids in Tyler. That company donated installation of the lift in the Stricklen's van.