A Better East Texas: Quran burning

It is hard not to comment on the planned Quran burning by a pastor at a small Florida church.  Leaders of all faiths have condemned the event mostly for the obvious reasons. On the other side of the world we see Pakistani citizens, presumably Muslims burning the American flag and chanting "Death to America" as a sort of preemptive action. Both of these groups – the Florida church and the mob in Pakistan – are miniscule in the grand scheme of things but they have managed to rise to the top of every news organization's storyboard for the past week.  This is now less about the burnings and promised burnings as it is a symptom of the divided state of our country and for that fact the world. Gone are the days of debate followed by reasoning and decision for the greater good. It is – you are either with us or against us – to use the phrase coined by President George W. Bush and it was very appropriate 9 years ago but it should not dictate the tone of our dealing with the issues of today.  Drawing an absolute line in the sand will do nothing but drive people farther apart.  Listen, there are some personal absolutes that should not be compromised but applying an absolute status to every issue is a mistake.  Perhaps a few clear thinkers will take the lead on bringing people together. I am, sadly skeptical, but if so, it will make for a Better East Texas.