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East Texans show consumer confidence at cash register


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LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - With the shaky economy, cities around the country have seen low consumer confidence. Meaning, people are not spending their money, which, in turn, hurts city's sales tax revenue.

However, new numbers are out for East Texas cities show people are buying at a healthy rate overall. East Texans are not afraid to spend money.

"There are still jobs here," said Debbie Johnston of Gladewater. "There's still people working. [It] may not be as much but there's still work. People are not as afraid as the rest of the country."

The latest numbers from the Texas Comptroller's Office show sales tax revenues up from September of last year in 15 East Texas cities, including Tyler and Longview and they are down in nine.

Many East Texans are keenly aware that their spending boosts the economy.

"I feel confident, after we get all our bills paid, we can go out and spend a little extra money," said Shauna Lyke of Kilgore. "We have the attitude that we're going to keep going no matter what happens and just be strong and confident in Texas and East Texas, as well."

Cities are on fixed budgets and depend on spending for tax revenue.

"Increase in the last two months going into the next fiscal year is very encouraging, that we've put together a solid budget, that we'll be able to make our budget numbers and that's very comforting," said Tyler City Manager Mark McDaniel.

"It's headed in the right direction and, of course, with the holiday season coming up, we're really looking forward to it," said Cody Cox, with Duck Brown Retail Clothing Sales in Longview.

In Kilgore, revenue is up 39.25%, much of it building supplies and oilfield materials.

"It's encouraging and it's good that we're up for our budgetary reasons, but Kilgore's sales tax has always been a roller coaster up and down," said Ronny Spradlin, with East Texas Lumber Company.

For now, East Texans are doing their part.

"It's a ripple effect, so you've got to keep spending to keep the economy going," said Johnston.

"I think that Texas has just planned their business better," said Goldston.

According to the State Comptroller's Office, the sales taxes figures were collected in July.

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