Restaurant Report: 5 businesses totaling 96 demerits

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - The restaurant scene was not all that squeaky-clean during the latest round of health inspections. Five East Texas restaurants had inspectors frowning.

Donut Palace
116 North Main Street

Sausage/egg biscuits, pigs in a blanket were not kept cold enough (thermometer)
Food was being handled with bare hands by employees (handwashing)
No soap, towels, or hot water were found at front hand sink (handwashing)
Cappuccino machine needed cleaning (unclean)

22 Demerits

Mazzio's Pizza #605
East Fifth Street

Cantaloupe and watermelon had to be thrown out (thermometer)
Raw eggs were stored over other food products (danger)
Lasagna was not properly date-marked (danger)
Fry equipments needed thorough cleaning (unclean)

16 Demerits

2214 WSW Loop 323

Rice, queso, was not cooled properly (thermometer)
Employee seen handling raw chicken and ready to eat food with out washing his hands (handwashing)
Cutting board was in bad repair and a moldy soda gun was at the bar (unclean)

16 Demerits

Texas Best Smokehouse
3302 South Eastman Road

Tomatoes, cucumbers and cheese were held at unsafe temperatures (thermometer)
Ham and links were held too warm (thermometer)
Open drinks were found on food prep tables (un clean)
Undated foods were found (danger)

22 Demerits

La Michoacana Taqueria
1419 South Green Street

Salsa and guacamole were held too warm (thermometer)
Chicken, beef and stuffed peppers were at unsafe temperatures (thermometer)
Undated foods were found (danger)
Cooler was out of temperature (thermometer)

20 Demerits

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