Video alleging SFA players faked injury goes viral

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - A video, which shows two SFA football players look to the sideline before falling to the ground, has gone viral on YouTube.

The video, titled "Lumberjacks fake injuries - Texas A&M beats SFA - 9/4/10 - SFA coaching should be ashamed!" shows Texas A&M on offense. After the play is over, two players, No. 23 Romeo Robinson and No. 48 Darren Robinson run to the line of scrimmage, look to the sideline and fall to the ground. The game officials blow their whistle to stop the clock and training staff run to the field to check on the players' conditions.

Various message boards and blogs have linked to the video, with posters pondering if the injuries were faked in order to stall Texas A&M's offense.

As of Wednesday morning, the video had more than 18,000 views. Click here to watch the video.

SFA lost the game, 48-7.

James Dixon, the SFA media relations director of football, declined to comment on the video. He also declined to seek comment from the coaching staff.

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