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Teen takes aim at gun law, East Texans react



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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - A Texas teenager is taking aim at a federal gun law that is older than he is. Wednesday, 18-year-old James D'Cruz of Lubbock filed a lawsuit against the ATF, saying 18-20 year olds should be allowed to legally buy handguns from a federally licensed dealer.

The news is quickly "shooting" across East Texas gun ranges and inside East Texas gun stores.

"As long as you're of legal age, there shouldn't be no difference between 18 and 21," said Jeff Alderman, a gun owner.

The lawsuit claims "at 18, citizens can serve in the military - they can fight and die by arms for the country. Yet, the law prohibits law-abiding adults in this age group from buying, what the Supreme Court considers to be 'the quintessential self-defense weapon.'"

The lawsuit claims limiting the sale of hand-guns to adults over 21 makes it impossible for adults under 21 to exercise their right to bear arms.

"If a man is able to go off to war, he should be able to do anything any adult should do - go in a bar, drink if he wants to, or buy a handgun," said Cliff Kennedy, who supports the suit.

"That seems absolutely wrong to me...and I think it needs to be fixed," said gun store owner, Mack Woods.

He says, here in Texas, if you are 18, you can buy long-guns, rifles or shotguns. But, federal law says you have to be 21 to buy a handgun.

"[It's a] ridiculous law...bureaucrats traditionally make bad rules," said Woods. "I hope that he is 100% successful."

Gregory McDonald, 31, was getting in some target practice with his new .45.

"I understand long rifles for hunting and so forth, and I believe in the right to bear arms...[but] I also believe in the responsibility that those arms bring and the ownership of owning guns," said McDonald. "If you can't legally drink, then you shouldn't legally purchase a handgun."

The challenge has been made, the duel accepted. Choose your weapon.

The 18-year-old challenger to the law has reportedly won several awards for marksmanship and is a former ROTC cadet.

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