Tyler Native Brings Inspirational Art Home

If art truly imitates life, native East Texan Suzie Stach is the perfect example of art and life working in unison.

Stach donated one of her prized prints "We Honor You" to Tyler's interim fire chief David Schlottach on Friday morning. The print pays homage to all the firefighters who died in the World Trade Center. Stach donated several additional prints, which will be used to award city firefighters. award firefighters.

Born in Tyler, but raised in California, Stach seems to have a penchant for attracting firefighters. Her brother and husband are both retired from the profession. Meanwhile, her daughter and son-in-law are still putting out fires.

"Every time, they go out you worry," says Stach. "And that's the thing about 9-11...it really gave the world the same knowledge I have every time they go out to fight a fire."

More than a thousand New York firefighters held programs with Stach's print on them at a memorial service for fallen colleagues. Stach's prints are available online, at www.fire-art.com. She also accepts toll free orders at 800-403-5933.