Ochocincos: The breakfast of Chad fans

Chad Ochocinco shows off his new cereal
Chad Ochocinco shows off his new cereal

NEWPORT, KY (FOX19) - People who would like to see Chad Ochocinco from their first waking moment can now achieve their dream and get part of a nutritious breakfast at the same time.

A new cereal called "Ochocincos" was unveiled at the Newport Kroger store Tuesday morning. Ochocinco was signing special limited edition boxes of the cereal, which will be sold at all Cincinnati area Kroger stores as well as online.

Ochocincos are a "honey nut toasted oat" cereal, sold in a 14-ounce box.  A photo of the box provided by the manufacturer is labeled "Limited Edition Collector's Box", but it's unknown if that means the cereal will only be on the market for a while.

The cereal will be produced by PLB Sports, a Pittsburgh company that specializes in marketing food items tied to pro athletes.  They already previously sold a cereal called "T.O.'s" in Buffalo, and have sold foods featuring Hines Ward, Doug Flutie, and others.

In 2000 they marketed a "Team of Dreams" Cereal featuring Pete Rose, Johnny Bench, Tony Perez, and Joe Morgan of the Big Red Machine.

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