Robbery-assault victim makes slow recovery

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By Bob Hallmark - bio | email

LONGVIEW,TX (KLTV)- A hard working 80 year old man who ran a bait shop, and was brutally attacked and left for dead, is making a slow recovery.

With a crushing wound to the back of the head, a hospital room became Wesley "Bully" Morris's second home after attackers left him for dead. The 80 year old was attacked at his bait shop on Pliler Precise Road on July 31st. 

The injury left him comatose. "I was wondering if maybe he couldn't come back mentally," said Bully's wife of 50 years Leasha.

The attackers fled with cash, leaving Morris bleeding badly. "He's still in there...He's just fighting to get out, and it's going to be a struggle," said Leasha. "There was a point there where every breath he took, I was afraid it was going to be his last one."

Wesley's wife visited her bed stricken husband every day and says he still has a fire burning inside. "I went 4 times a day, he is coming along , he's stronger than he was," said Leasha.

Now after over a month in the hospital, Bully is showing improvement and may even start physical therapy soon. "He's just as ornery and hard headed as ever," said Leasha,"I think that is going to pull him through and get him back on his feet."

The two men who attacked Morris have not yet been arrested. Anyone with information on his attackers is asked to call Longview police.

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