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Estacado student charged with assault on 69-year-old bus driver

By Michael Slother - email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - An Estacado High School student was arrested and accused of assaulting his 69-year-old bus driver.

The incident happened Thursday after school, but the bus driver told us that this student has been a constant distraction for everyone on his route. "This young man, ever since the first day of school, he's been given me problems on the bus, not only to me but other kids on the bus," said bus driver Floyd Freeman.

Freeman's been driving kids to school for nearly 4 years. He only expects respect from his riders. "He don't expect nothin except don't cuss, use profanity, or fight," witness YaRaven Germon told us.

19-year-old Zavier Allen apparently didn't feel like obeying them. "I told him you can't ride my bus no more because you don't know how to act. He said ‘I'm riding this bus and there's nothing you can do to stop me.' "

Freeman tried to stop Allen, but witnesses say it didn't work. "I seen him hit him in the face 2 times and knocked his stuff off," Germon said.

Freeman said he got hit in the face and had bruises on his arm. Allen took off running, but he couldn't hide from the Lubbock School District police. "Officers went to the suspect's home this afternoon and arrested the suspect without incident," said LISD Police Chief Mark Hinshaw.

There are cameras on the bus, but it couldn't catch the incident since it occurred outside the bus on the stairs. "Normally the cameras are used for catching kids with spit wads or basic things. Nothing has ever occurred like this to alarm us to this kind of behavior," said Sherri Bridges with Durham Transportation.

Even though Bridges has never seen an incident like this in her 12 years, it's alarming, because the odds are against the driver. "They carry anywhere between 20 and 45 kids on a bus at a time, and they are the only adult." 

Freeman's not worried about this happening again. He drives kids to school for their future, and has this message for students everywhere, "I got my education I'm retired and everything. They need to get theirs [education] and not give the teachers or the bus drivers or no one else problems."


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