Tyler Police Probe Cause of Man's Death

A Tyler man found dead inside his home early Thursday morning is the focus of a police investigation.

Stephen Tillman (24) died from an apparent head injury, according to Tyler Police Dept. Public Information Officer Chris Moore. A neighbor found Tillman's body in a front living room after noticing a broken window and blood on his front door. Tillman had been subleasing the home, which sits on the 1700 block of North Tenneha.

"Until we have done an autopsy, we won't be able to specifically identify the type of wound, or the weapon if there is any," said Moore.

Tillman's father, Johnny Tillman, said his son had been excited about a new job prospect. Tillman spent the first part of the year working at Johnny's Cars, his father's dealership in North Tyler. Tillman leaves behind two young daughters.

"Every parent thinks their children are the greatest you know, and they've taken a great son from me," says Tillman. "Every time the phone rings at that time of night, you know a little fear hits in your heart."

Some neighbors living on Tillman's block said an influx of traffic outside his residence kept them suspicious.

"Many people would come knock on our door," recalls Betty Thompson, a next door neighbor. "They were looking for certain people, and, then, they would walk away from my door and go next door."
Tyler investigators spent much of the day Thursday searching for friends and family who may have seen Tillman last. With autopsy results pending, Tyler Police have not ruled the death a homicide or accident.