Tyler police share latest on fatal crash investigation

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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Less than a day after the wreck that took Dane Basses life on south Broadway in Tyler, the woman behind the wheel of the green Nissan, Jerlene Boyd, 50, was back home. Boyd's daughter says her mother was resting after the accident that sent her to a hospital and a jail cell.

"[I was] shocked since I found out it was her," said neighbor, Carlos Williams. "I didn't think nothing would ever happen with her."

Boyd's arrest record shows the reason behind another shock hitting the community, Boyd's $3,000 bond. She posted the amount for unrelated charges hours after plowing into Bass's car.

"How does that happen?" said Don Martin with the Tyler Police Department. "People need to understand how this works. The bonds associated with her arrest yesterday are totally separate."

When Tyler Police ran Boyd's license an outstanding warrant for theft by check appeared, with a pre-determined bond of $2,500. A further search gave police the second charge.

"There was marijuana that was located in her purse," said Martin.

The cost for the Class B misdemeanor, like a traffic ticket, was set at $500. Boyd paid the $3,000 and walked, while police began to build their case against her.

"A vehicle inspection of the vehicle as well as lab results from the hospital on what type of condition or what type of stuff was in her system at the time of the wreck," said Martin.

They are tedious steps in a time of tragedy, authorities say must take to keep deaths like Bass's from happening again.

"We need the time to do a good proper and thorough investigation so that when this does go to court we're going to see justice prevail," said Martin.

We did ask police if Boyd's outstanding warrant and current situation make her a flight risk. Police say they do not believe the 50-year-old will run but add she can't be listed as such until future charges are filed.

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