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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Every year, Tyler Independent School District encourages their students to take part in College Colors Day, wearing shirts representing their favorite Universities. The main reason is to get the kids thinking about College at an early age.

At Jack Elementary, everywhere you look you see the colors of higher learning and it's a sure bet the school on the shirt is the school they plan on least right now. But, maybe we should make sure.

"I probably want to go to Baylor," said Graydon Findley, a fourth grader. "Both my parents went there and because one of my best friends - both of his parents went there and we might both go there."

"Definitely Texas Tech," said Casen Salitore, also in fourth grade. "Probably because both my parents went there, and I've seen a lot of their games and I know a lot of good stuff and I'd be a lot of help to them."

"Texas because my whole family - my parents went there and my uncle and Granny and Granddad," said Rhett Parker, a fifth grader.

"I want to go to Texas, UT Texas, because I think that I can learn the most there and it's a good school," said Greyson Preistner who is also in fifth grade.

"ETBU because both of my parents went there and they turned out pretty successful and I want to be successful too," added fifth grader Zoe Hayes.

It is funny how just pulling on a shirt seems to get the kids excited about another four years of school, right after graduating from high school, with only a summer break in between.

"I just want to get it over with," Zoe pointed out.

Well, they say honesty can make you successful, too.

College Colors Day is a national event, and has grown rapidly since it started in 2005. Millions across the country now participate.

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