Wheelchair stolen from 3-year-old

By Alan Collins

FAIRFIELD, AL (WBRC) - Some are calling it an outrageous crime in Fairfield.  Thieves stole a three year old child's wheelchair. "It was a shock. Why would someone steal a wheelchair. Why would someone steal a wheelchair," said Crystal Williams.

Williams has a 3-year-old. His name is Jakarius. Thursday morning, Williams discovered someone stole Jakarius' wheelchair.

"My children walk to school. I walk my children to school. It was missing. Somewhere it was missing," Williams said.

The wheelchair usually stays on the porch because it's too big for  the house. It has stayed on the porch for months. Williams says her son needs the wheelchair because Jakarius has been paralyzed since he was 11 months old. "He is paralyzed from the waste down. He cannot walk. He is in a wheelchair. He is disabled," Wililams said.

Fairfield Police is investigating the theft. Jefferson County Chief Deputy Randy Christian says the crime is so outrageous that the sheriff is ready to help.

"You better believe we will roll our sleeves up and do everything we can to help that young man and put whoever stole that in jail, absolutely." Christian said.

Williams says Medicaid will replace the chair eventually. In the meantime, it will be a struggle for her and Jakarius. "It's hard toting him around and pushing in his stroller. Get him out. It's just hard." Williams said.

Williams asks the thieves to return the wheelchair.

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